Der preisgekrönte Film „Emancipation“ wurde für eine Reihe von Filmfestivals weltweit ausgewählt und gewann mehrere Preise, u. a. als „Best Comedy Short“ (Brussels Capital Film Festival, Cannes Film Awards, Prague International Film Festival, Mabig Filmfestival Germany, und viele mehr).

Emancipation - LOGLINE

Haley and Gregory enjoy their day in LA when Haley decides to post a story. Things escalate quickly and Greg seems to get in deeper with every word he says. Will the relationship survive their argument on the escalator?

Drehort: Los Angeles, Studio City

Jerry Digby (aka D!gby) possesses a skill set that is as varied as his upbringing. He was born in North Dakota and grew up in Asia, Europe and the U.S. After graduating high school in Germany, he started playing semi pro Football and illustrating CD covers for Sony Music in Frankfurt. He later returned to the U.S. to get a BA in computer animation and worked as a CG artist, designer, toy designer, writer, post producer and agency creative. Digby’s first commercial was shot on spec for the Partnership for a Drug Free America with a budget of under a hundred dollars. It went on to air for 5yrs and was nominated for inclusion into the permanent collection of New York’s Museum of Modern Art; in the highly competitive category of art direction where it went up against commercials with million dollar budgets. He produced a graphic novel adaptation of the movie Pathfinder, released by 20th Century Fox and published by Dark Horse Comics and also participated in an art instillation that was seen by over 200,000 people in one night. Currently, he’s living in LA directing commercials and shooting stills for brands all over the world. Some of his clients include Nike, Footlocker, ESPN, the Partnership for a Drug Free America, ABC, FOX, and most recently his photographs can be seen in Audi’s „The Captian“ Super Bowl commercial. His award winning short film Hearts Gamble was well received and screened in over 20 festivals in the U.S. and abroad.